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by admin on November 23, 2011

We got a chance to catch up with long time and long distance supporter of Fire Poo, DJ Supersede.  He hails from Miami and came all the way out to LA for last year’s Holiday Poo.  We just learned that he’ll be making the trip out again to celebrate with us. 


Fire Poo:  Aside from stalking DJ Cheapshot in your early voyeuristic days, how did you learn about Fire Poo?

Supersede:  I learned everything I know from stalking Cheapshot.  I’m answering these questions from the bushes outside of his house right now.  I’ll prove it….  His address is……  Seriously though, Fire Poo is amazing, but it can only work in California.  I’ve said it many times before, that the mentality of Cali DJs is so much better than East Coast DJs.  They like doing things together, unlike East Coast DJs who think everything is a competition with each other.  I’m moving to LA.


Fire Poo:  How did you and Nick Morrison come up with Miami Ski Team for your production group name and what project do you guys have in the works?


Supersede:  This is a tale that streches back into the annals of history.  Actually, it’s from when I was in college.  A friend of mine owned a now defunct t-shirt company, and one of their designs was a sweatshirt that said “Miami Ski Team,” and had a hot pink illustration of a gentlemen hitting the slopes.  Obviously there is no winter in Miami, so you get the reference.  If you don’t, you might want to go check yourself into Shadey Acres.


Fire Poo:  What is your favorite remix that you’ve created?


Supersede:  My personal favorite is our remix of Sam Young – “Don’t Stop,” forthcoming on Nod Factor records. (Shameless plug.)  I’m not usually one to toot my own horn, because I can’t reach it.  However, I’m also a fan of our other new single “Full Of Fire.”


Fire Poo:  I read that you are an Eagle Scout?


Supersede:  This is true.  I was the youngest Eagle Scout in the state of Florida at the time, at the ripe old age of 14.  I don’t know if that record still stands.  I usually get made fun of for that, but it was actually a great experience for me.  I got a signed photograph of President Clinton, and a college scholarship out of the whole deal.  So you can suck it.


Fire Poo:  How old were you when you got your scratching and mixing merit badges?


Supersede:  I never received those badges, as you can tell from my horrible DJ and production skills.


Fire Poo:  What is your favorite Fire Poo moment thus far?


Supersede:  That would have to be at last years Christmas Poo, when DJ Vertigo showed up in costume.  It wasn’t a costume event.  His all-white fu man chu Mexican Santa was off the chain.


Fire Poo:  What is it like DJing for a pro NFL team like the Miami Dolphins and whose footballs did you have to polish to get the job?


Supersede:  The Miami Dolphins are an amazing organization to work for, because they are extremely professional and they give me the opportunity to play for crowds that I normally wouldn’t have an interaction with.  They also pay me to go to football games.  Sometimes I feel guilty.


Fire Poo:  You started Lincoln Road Records on your own.  What made you want to start a record label and what entrepreneurial advice do you have to  DJs out there who are considering starting a business on their own like a record label?


Supersede:  I wanted to start a record label to pick up chicks.  Don’t tell my wife.  Also, not having to answer to A&R reps, or shop my music, also is a big bonus.  I love being able to release music whenever I please, as well as give my friends the opportunity to have their music on Beatport.  As long as it’s not complete crap.


Fire Poo:  Plug all your social media outlets and websites in the style of Howdie Doody……NOW!








(I was dancing around while I typed that.  Good enough?)


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